Owner's suites 2015 greater Austin HBA parade of homes

It should be no surprise the owner’s suites of the 2105 Greater Austin HBA Parade of Homes are some of the grandest spaces presented. We all know, and expect, the owner’s suite to have all the best, after all this room is where we spend most of our time resting, escaping, and recharging.

The interior designers definitely expressed for us what we could use in our own space. From the bed placement, to the use of furniture, and lighting, these talented designers put on a display of color and texture.  

Side note

Although the larger size of the owner’s bedroom began to increase post WWII. The birth of the “owner’s suite” came in the mid 1980’s while “McMansion” homes were being built. Large homes were more affordable as the energy costs were down. (“McMansion”— a phrase coined by architect Sarah Susanka ). Owner’s suites came to be more desirable as home owners started to look at homes less as shelter and more as a retreat.  They have grown to be a private oasis inside your personal paradise. While much has changed in the years since then, owner’s suites continue to grow in demand, and functionality.


The Builders include:

Eppright Custom Homes

Texas Custom Construction

Matt Sitra Custom Homes

Seven Custom Homes

Masters Touch Custom Homes


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