headshots/and a little fun

Today, social media and the digital age allow you and your company to be seen by millions of people with just the click of a mouse. Here at Red Pants Studio we like to remind our friends and clients of the importance of an updated headshot can do for you and your business and the impact that will make for you, however, let's take that a step further, and take a "customer point of view" at your company or business. What will you-your customers see? Will it only be the professional side, or can it be more?

Many companies are seeing the value of having a "softer side" set of photos added to professional headshots, these photos can show a little more of the corky, silly, or lighter side to your company and still have taste. These days, I see many industries working towards the opportunity to show off the fun side of who they are and who makes up their company when they can. Its called "humanizing" your business for your clients to see. 

Pictured below are a few fun clicks from the day we worked with or friends at smart touch interactive. They are a top notch provider to of digital real-estate marketing solutions, and offer great options to agents and builders. Come by their website to learn more about them. www.smarttouchinteractive.com/about-us/   

By the way we do offer corporate rates on headshots, and we can come to you.