Friday Night Lights at Vandegrift


Pictured above is #50 and yes he is cradling the ball, the center does have a fondness of the ball.

The day you have waited on is almost here, the 2014 Vandegrift HS Football program is going to be out in full force this Friday (September 5th). With the formal release of the 2014 Football program, the individual images are being released, and will be available for purchase starting Saturday morning ( September 6th). Parents, and students will have the opportunity to see and buy the photos in all their glory. 255 pictures of the Varsity players, 400 pictures of the two Junior Varsity teams, and 197 pics, of the freshman teams. Yes, we will have the tree groups broken out, and the are all in numerical order for viewing ease.
Out of pure excitement, we have leaked a few pictures over the past few weeks, you can see why now. What a great group of young men. 
To view the photo albums please click here. To purchase, follow the directions inside the albums.