the hand off

"The Hand off"Top Professional Golfers exchanging...PGA Championship, Valhalla Golf Club, Louisville, KY.

In the days leading up to the PGA Championship at the Valhalla golf course in Louisville KY. I had the great honor to meet with some of the past Championship winners while hanging out at the beautiful Valhalla golf course. I had one very important task. To acquire signatures of the past winners of the famed Wanamaker trophy, the coveted  trophy handed to the winner of the PGA Championship, on a beautiful piece of art representing the trophy. Well we (James Bruce of James Bruce photography & I) did just that, and so much more. We had access to some fun places out of reach to the public, and access to many of the public places. We had a chance to spend two days moving around 18 holes with a couple of the pros and click our cameras away. 

However the story is so much more than the road trip with two gigantic pieces of art.

But you'll have to wait for the rest later.

Early Tuesday Am this image was captured. Titled the Hand off, it represents so much to me, and maybe so much to you.