Professional head shots


Often the first contact people have with you is a digital one, online. Especially now we're all so active on social media. Profile pictures create the first impression of you and you’re business. Why not make it a good first impression, and show others that you care about the details.
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What should you do once you get a new professional, and approachable headshot?

* Find everywhere that you've used your old one and replace it! 
It's important that you change it everywhere, that means every online account you have, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, your Blog avatar, Forum profiles, account profile photographs, everywhere you have a presence online, your professional headshot should be there creating that positive first impression! Consistency is key in creating trust, and recognition, you do want people to recognize, and remember you.

Remember, communications aren't just verbal, or in text, they come in visual format too; your logo, and your headshot amongst many other visual communication tools.