How we get the best photos for our clients

Projects we photograph have been designed and crafted with great thought and attention to detail. You understand the best areas of the project to highlight and feature. The details you have given time and energy for everyone to enjoy needs to be given the same attention and respect in camera. We expect the walk-through, prior to the assignment, will give us a chance to discover the best time to capture an image and time to create a shot-list that we will use during the assignment. This opportunity to hear your vision and passion helps us craft only the best shots that have maximum impact for you. For us, the collaborative process for any assignment is a must have.

Architectural and Interior design assignments: 

We work on half day and full day rates. For a typical half day assignment we can craft 8 shots in about a 4 hour window. The number of images may vary from client to client and job to job. Projects bids are based on an hourly rate + image licensing. 

Image delivery 

Photographs will be uploaded to a private client gallery within 5 business days from the shoot. We anticipate there will be some first look retouching after images are delivered.  

Licensing and Copyright

We offer a standard, single party license on all projects. If you wish to include other parties in the the project we will add the additional licensing fees in the bid.

Drew Rice retains all copyright expressed and implied otherwise for all images taken, and will not be transferred to any other party.