How we get the best photos for architectural photography


The projects I shoot, custom homes or interior design, are crafted with great thought and attention to detail. For this reason, I rely on a collaborative effort and process between you and I prior to and during the shoot. This process will always confirm the images we craft together are executed for maximum impact with your marketing and advertising needs in mind.

By creating a shot list prior to shooting allows us to plan our time on site efficiently, this shot list also assist's in discovering your projects best features, areas to highlight, and features you absolutely love.

On the day of the shoot, in most cases, we capture to computer for your viewing. This confirms onsite that we are capturing what you need, and that all the details are carefully watched. 

Typical photography session

For architectural assignments the number of images we can create varies from job to job. We work on half day and full day rates. For a typical half day assignment creating 10 to 15 daylight shots is average. These jobs will focus on spaces we explored for the shot list.  

For interior design/product marketing projects the total images will vary on every project. These projects are typically billed by hour and image. 

For all projects, once we have the specific scope of work (time, and number of images required, we can prepare a final estimate. All images are licensed as right managed. 

Image delivery 

Photographs will be uploaded to a client proofing gallery within five business days from the shoot. Please note, I strive to deliver a “finished” product from the beginning, however, we do include a session of retouching/revising of minor blemishes. If there are any issues you know of ahead of time, be sure to let me know and it won't be a problem. Common problems, a/c vents, paint spots, nail holes, etc. 

Photograph usage rights and licensing

Due to the range of our client’s needs, we try to keep licensing simple and easy to understand on our contracts, we start with a five year agreement and have an options up to perpetuity if required. 

Images are delivered as digital files at a resolution suitable for the intended reproduction use. Third parties wishing to license these images must contact me directly for licensing agreement and fees.

Copyright notice 

Red Pants Studio LLC retains all copyright expressed and implied otherwise for all images taken, and will not be transferred to any other party.

Please note, we do require written credit be given to Red Pants Studio LLC on published, print or digital use, and social media links be accompanied with all images, where applicable  

Before and After

For examples of our production and postproduction work on our twilight photography, check out our before and after gallery by clicking here or navigating to it via the bottom navigation bar on our website. There you can compare a normal, single-exposure photo to my fully lit, and retouched photo. (Move your cursor over the image to see how the image changes.)